Hi, I'm Shelley Hynes, owner and photographer of Shynes Photography!! I am a wife, a mother and I work full-time for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). My daughter, Grace, is the inspiration behind my photography. She has brought so much happiness into mine and my husband's lives; I thank God everyday that He allows us to be her parents. "Shynes" comes from my first initial combined with my last name. My world is brighter with Grace - I shine because of her.

My passion for photography started at a young age, and continued over the years. I studied photography at Drury University in Springfield, while pursuing a degree in architecture and art history. I transferred to the University of Missouri - St. Louis, where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance.
I love the ability to capture moments in time - a child's mischievous smile, the intimate love between a couple, or the sweet, innocent glory of a newborn child. 

My photography includes not only the session itself, but careful time enhancing and editing each image. I meticulously select each image and perfect it by adding my own style.
Photography isn't just about the big events. Of course everyone wants a photographer at their wedding. But pictures tell stories and every story is worthy of being told. This is why taking pictures often is necessary. Twenty years from now, you want your story to be told, whether it be to your children, grandchildren, family, friends or even a stranger. The best way to tell a story is with photographs.
Each session is unique and every setting its own. This is why each session deserves to be considered for its independence. I can take any setting and bring it to life by captivating life's simple moments. What may seem as an ordinary, everyday expression, will be the image that portrays the personality of your loved one.

I would love to meet with you! I understand that not every package can fit everyone. Please call or email me so we come up with something to meet your needs.


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